AMIS 有雙重涵義。一為法文讀作“ami”,是朋友的意思,另一則為台灣原住民阿美族。



The logo combines traditional imagery of an aboriginal dance from Taiwan through their rituals, the Amis keep the teachings and admonishments of their ancestors alive. The dances they perform, always holding each other by their hands, are a way of reminding each other of the tribe’s unity. They also serve as a symbol for their shared beliefs and customs and help to strengthen the social fabric and political system of the settlement.


For too long, the financial industry has been an opaque, centralized and heavily guarded system. By building bonds using breakthrough technology, Amis is making it open and transparent for a wide audience of people and businesses. The exceptional history of the aboriginal Taiwanese people, the Amis, drives an inventive company revolutionizing finance.


Our Products

Consortium Chain Settlement Systems

Along with Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank (台北富邦銀行), AMIS was granted by the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) to enter the financial technology sandbox experiment program. (news link). In this program, Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank and Taishin International Bank (台新銀行) uses AMIS backed consortium blockchain technology in the domestic fund transfer and payment services.

Wallet Service - Asset Custody

AMIS Wallet Service is a total solution for asset custody in various industrial use cases, ranging from hot, warm, to cold storages. Our proprietary hierarchical threshold signature (HTSS) technology, a derivation of threshold signature (TSS), enables the accountability capability on top threshold-sig wallets. In a nutshell, private keys in AMIS wallet server would never exist anywhere, which also means it is never in transit, nor at rest.










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