Our Technology

IBFT and Quorum 2.0

While developing the consortium chain settlement systems with Fubon bank, we noticed existing blockchain have three major drawbacks for banking systems: transaction per second, transaction finality, and governance. Existing popular public chain at that point of time can only reach less than one hundred of transactions per second. More importantly, the nodes are permissionless while the blocks can also be revoked by forks. Seeing there was no solution in Ethereum ecosystem, we created Istanbul Byzantine Fault Tolerance (IBFT) to address the above banking system issues and contributed to Go-Ethereum (EIP 650) as well as J.P. Morgan Quorum 2.0


Ethereum Ecosystem

As the founding member of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), we are fully committed to contribute to Ethereum ecosystem. In addition to the IBFT proposal, our team has being actively contributed to Go-Ethereum, Py-Ethereum, as well as our own open source repositories. We are also working with Ethereum foundation by giving them constructive suggestions on Casper protocol design.


Site Reliability Engineering (SRE):

AMIS Wallet Service and Consortium Chain Settlement Systems are backed by our strong SRE team. The team is composed of DevOps, security engineers, and security researchers. We are actively contributed to DevSecOps, Kubernetes, and various infrastructure communities and open sources.


Open Source











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